About Us

In-Radius Apps is a technology company committed to build great apps that people use in their everyday lives.

At In-Radius Apps we utilise the newest cutting-edge technologies and possibilities to develop products that empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, connect, and have fun together. By focusing on innovation and listen to our users we design products that creating new ways of communicating and interacting.

The Mission

Our vision is to become the largest mobile video communication platform.

Our Vision

Creating and empowering communities by providing users the tools to connect and interact with each other.



We are developing our own proprietary technologies that are changing the industry. Our underlying technology not only creates better user experience for our products but also serves to strengthen our competitive advantage. We are using machine and deep learning algorithms to source and surface content that users will find most interesting. Our underlying technology learns about users through their usage and interactions. More compelling content and interactions meant users would spend more time on the apps, and the more time they spent on the apps the better the use of algorithms became. And thus is born a strong data network effect – the power of the system grows exponentially with the scale of the system.


In-Radius Team

In-Radius Apps focuses on team success over individual success. We are always ready to help each other and willing to accept help. We work in a highly "co-op" mode where information is shared openly and proactively. We believe that a single person can bring big change and that's why we encourage leadership, added value and being able to be accountable.

The most important
thing we have are
our people.

That's why they are always in the first place. Our teams consist of experienced professionals in their fields, no matter if they are engineers, business developers, designers. In-Radius Apps offers an environment in which the most talented individuals can explore and develop ideas freely. We have an innovative company structure that celebrates and elevates individuals whose skills exceed the usual parameters of their chosen discipline. Employee satisfaction is the top priority for our company, and we do everything in our power to ensure you love life at In-Radius.


We are taking our user’s feedback seriously. We listen and respond to our users and develop features to exceed their expectations. We aspire to achieve objective results and never take shortcuts on quality. As a small business concern, we are agile and we are able to act quickly.


We don't take ourselves too seriously. We are flexible and always learning from our mistakes.  We celebrate achievements.  


We thrive on creativity and originality. We seek the innovations and ideas that can change our products. Utilizing our world-class suite of software algorithms, we consider our way of looking at mobile app development as pioneering in the industry. 


We fundamentally believe that having a team of diverse backgrounds and voices working together is our best shot at being able to create innovative products that improve the way people live and communicate. There are two things we focus on to achieve this goal. The first—creating a diverse workplace—helps us assemble this team. The second—creating an inclusive workplace—is much harder to get right, but we believe it is required to unleash the potential of having a diverse team. To us, it is really about creating a culture where everyone comes to work knowing that they have a seat at the table and will always be supported both personally and professionally.


We seek the best talent and promote development of the next generation apps and look to apply that expertise to our products. We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We encourage the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.  In-Radius many subject matter experts take time to mentor others to foster technology interchange and knowledge distribution.


21 days of paid holiday every year, so take that trip of a lifetime.

Flexible hours

As long as you do your bit, we're happy. Hours to suit you!

Top Equipment

You'll get a top end PC or MAC to work with.

Bonus scheme

We run a profit based bonus scheme for both end of year and at Christmas.

Social Events

We hold regular social events including an annual family day.

Working from home

You can choose the work place. As long as you're happy, we're happy!

Perks and benefits

Looking after you

We want people to thrive at In-Radius; we believe you do your best work when you feel your best. Here are a just a few benefits we’re proud to provide our team.

The only way to do great work,
is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Founder of Apple